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Olivia Radocchia, M.Psych.

Masters of Psychology | Clinical Holistic Counsellor | Reiki Practitioner 


Olivia is a holistic counsellor who is passionate about health and wellness. She guides clients in integrating emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing utilizing both evidence-based and holistic approaches, including mindfulness, Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, compassion-based therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and healthy lifestyle activation. She creates a safe space in which the client can feel at ease in expressing themselves fully, exploring their inner world, and leaning into acceptance and compassion for themselves and their current situation. She guides clients in striving towards personal growth and wholeness while they connect to their authentic self. For those who are interested, she also offers Reiki energy healing.

Contact: | 647-887-2325 

Karissa Grillo


Karissa has been using her studies and research to offer natal chart readings in person and online. She studied astrology in Toronto and continues to enhance her knowledge through continuing education courses. Karissa's approach is practical and intuitive; she uses your natal chart as a guide to help you find your soul purpose and direction. Karissa found astrology during a big shift in her spiritual life over 10 years ago. She found that it gave her guidance and structure to move forward confidently and with peace. A natal chart reading is recommended for anyone looking to dive deeper into their goals, challenges and life purpose.

Contact  |  416-546-6402


Laura Cocuzzi, CSCMP, PMP

Industry Leader | Career Champion


A career journey, similar to a person's personal journey is often intertwined and can be overwhelming at times. Careers can and often have been pegged as a person's identity, wrongfully mislabelled or void of your purpose and passion. Need some assistance? Laura has spent the past 19+ years of her career in progressively senior leadership roles learning just that. Career strategist, intuitive and planner by nature, Laura's approach to helping others discover their career interests involves learning about the individual, their ambitions, assumptions, fears, and journey to date in order to provide one on one coaching support for your next steps.


Dr. Celeste Borghese, ND

Naturopathic Doctor


As a Naturopathic Doctor, Celeste takes a patient-centered approach by allowing you to be fully involved in the process. Dr. Borghese takes the time to get to know the patient in all aspects of life in order to create a treatment plan that is designed to work with you and meet every individual concern. Dr. Borghese aims to uncover the root cause of illness through lab work, patient symptoms, and physical examination. She provides individualized treatments that may include supplements, botanicals (herbal formulations), acupuncture, and/ or targeted nutrition and exercise plans, when indicated, to help you reach your health goals. She believes that the foundation to good health is a balanced diet, exercise, restorative sleep and stress management.



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