From homemade food and wine, massages, yoga, cooking class, and soap-making class to seminars and workshops, a week spent with us will offer you a balanced, harmonized, and transformational experience.

Yoga at Home
Poolside Meditation
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Cooking Class
Animal brown horse


-Accommodations (shared) for 7 nights, 8 days
-Transportation from Rome to the retreat centre
-Three meals per day, snacks, wine, tea and coffee
-Five Yoga classes with Adrienne Levonian
Meditation and mindfulness 

- Workshops with Olivia & Laura
- Private SoundSelf session -  See Olivia's bio  

-One Esalen Body Work massage
-Animal interaction and gardening activities
-Day trip to Assisi (lunch not included)
-Local wine tasting experience with appetizers

- Authentic Truffle Dinner
-Fresh pasta cooking class

* Workshops/ practitioners below subject to change



Truffle Hunt: hike the Umbrian hills with truffle hunter Giovanni and his dog Artu' 
-Health insurance (recommended)
- Extra day trips to various towns such as Perugia and Gubbio, or to local spas. 
 [Taxi can be arranged from the retreat centre- price will vary depending on how many people attend]


Olivia Radocchia

 Retreat Host & Reiki Practitioner

As your host of the Serenità Wellness Retreat, Olivia Radocchia (M.Psych), is excited to share her passion for Italy, holistic well-being, great food, and even greater connection. Based in Canada, her family comes from Italy and has cultivated traditions over the years, nurturing within her a love of slow living and connection to nature. 

She will be leading discussions  on creating a balanced life with a focus on reflective writing tools to cultivate self-awareness and healing. At the end of the week, we will come together for a hands-on vision board workshop where we will dive into manifesting the life we desire!

Olivia will also be offering a private SoundSelf Technology session, which is a digital tool utilizing the voice, biofeedback, vibro-acoustics, and light therapy to create a healing meditative experience by producing transpersonal states of consciousness following 15 minutes of immersion.

She will also conduct Reiki energy healing sessions throughout the week following yoga.

Connect via Instagram at @oliviarad or @SerenitaWellness

Laura Sierra

Psychologist, Intuition Coach & Breathwork Practitioner

Self-worth comes from healing your subconscious beliefs, not from your rational mind. Laura will help you take a look into your subconscious mind by facilitating a safe container for your most authentic self to arise during your healing journey in the magical Umbria. She will combine her knowledge of Psychology, Astrology, Buddhism, Breathwork and Energetics, with a scoop of insight into the human experience, to give you tools for your daily life.


Her aim is to light the way when you dive deep into your body, heart/soul and subconscious mind to reprogram it and give some unconditional love to your inner child.  


Laura will help you restore the divine feminine energy within you, by visiting and revealing the power of your heart and connecting it to your mind.  You can be a vessel for clarity, compassion and love during her Breathwork/Meditation sessions and Psychology/Astrology Workshops to create space for your true self.

Connect via Instagram at @healtopiaexperience

Adrienne Levonian

Yoga Instructor & Masseuse 

Adrienne leads flowing yoga sessions, inspired by Ashtanga Vinyasa and adapted to the mood and requests of the moment. Yoga classes are adaptable to all levels. 


Adrienne also practices Esalen Massage, a full body massage with its roots in Swedish technique, which incorporates flowing strokes and deep tissue release to relax and re-balance body & soul. A definite highlight of our retreat!