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The Full Story

Founded by Olivia Radocchia, each retreat brings a new group of women - of all ages, from all corners of the globe - to this very magical space, tucked away in Umbria's soulful  and lush countryside.

We truly cherish the diverse groups of women who take the courageous step to embark on this adventure. We acknowledge that travelling solo, or doing something out of your comfort zone can be intimidating, but we promise a deeply rewarding and uplifting experience. 

Each and every woman has a hand in creating the Serenità experience - unique lived experience, wisdom, humour, and kind hearts truly make this retreat an unforgettable experience.


“I hope you will go out and let stories, that is life, happen to you, and that you will work with these stories... water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom.”
― Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves

As your host of the Serenità Wellness Retreat, Olivia  Radocchia is driven by her passion for Italy and its culture, holistic well-being, and creating connection among women. She was raised in an Italian-Canadian home and has cultivated beloved traditions over the years, her family nurturing within her a love of slow living, slow food, and connection to nature.

Olivia has worked in the field of mental health for 10 years within the realm of clinical psychology and counselling. She is grateful for all of the stories (life) that has happened for her, having brought her to a place where she has been able to merge her cultural upbringing and values, passions, and professional work to create transformative experiences for women.

Above all, she is humbled that she has been able to help in fostering a growing international community of incredible women, which continues to grow in friendship and support year after year.

Connect via Instagram at @oliviarad or @serenitaretreats


At Serenità Wellness, we uplift women through self-awareness and growth, fostering a community of balance and inspiration amidst Italy's serene landscapes.

Our intimate retreats, curated by a team of three women, each with unique gifts, blend movement, mindfulness, and creativity, inviting you to embark on a multi-sensory journey.

Led by hostesses deeply rooted in hospitality, creativity, and slow travel, we offer a close interpersonal dynamic, where retreat leaders are also participants in the experience, and  shared vulnerability and joy propel your journey. We truly believe that each woman who attends the SWR is a teacher unto themselves, and we cherish all the stories and life experience that each woman brings to our retreat.

We acknowledge life's demands, crafting experiences that resonate with the realities of modern women and provide adaptable tools for sustainable well-being beyond our retreats. We cherish continued connection and support following the retreat week, and love staying in touch with our retreat family!

Embracing a flowing schedule, we invite you to engage in as much or as little activity as you wish, acknowledging that every woman's needs can be different. Unwind and connect with like-minded souls, rediscovering life's joys and embracing the present moment with lightness and self-acceptance.


With us, you'll be able to fully embody slow living, and enjoy the authentic slow food of the Italian countryside, made by loving hands with local and organic products. 


You'll tune into your senses, find calm amidst nature, and relish in personal growth within our supportive community.


Meet the Team


July, September & October 2024


Ari’s passion and focus is the optimization of our lived experience, leading her through 20 years of exploration and training in somatic practices. At the Serenità Wellness Retreat, participants are invited enjoy a daily, vinyasa- inspired yoga practice, incorporating breathwork and meditation. The goal is never to ‘be good at yoga’, but simply and profoundly to feel and enjoy our own body.


Further, each participant will receive an hour-long Beyond Bodywork session, dedicated to multi-dimensional healing through enhanced somatic awareness and gentle release of tension. Each session is tailored to the receiver, and often involves deep tissue techniques, long flowing strokes and gentle rocking. Ari’s style is somewhat unique, evolved from her trainings with Esalen and Alchemy of Touch. Clients often report experiencing a trance-like state, and a level of relaxation far beyond more traditional massage.


Ari’s work is a constant unfolding, propelled by the belief that in healing our bodies, we ultimately heal our lives. Put another way: the release of trauma memory stored in our physical tissues allows us to rebirth into our very Highest
Version of Self. Let’s see what Magic we can create!

Karen Lynne

July & October 2024


Karen is a retired registered psychotherapist, mystic, and transpersonal coach. She has over 32 years of experience helping clients unravel the objections and obstacles that they encounter on their journey to personal happiness and freedom.

This July and October, Karen will be guiding us in active ceremony of laughter, play, creativity, coincidence, and beauty. She will lead intuitive and reflective workshops, gently guiding us to become architects of our human design for our highest purpose.

Karen shares that her greatest, and most difficult journey, has been to forgive, love and integrate all of her lifetimes with “The Mother, The Sister, The Daughter, The Grandmother”.  With her, we will discover how the great energy of Mother Earth calls the roots of who we are to come home to ourselves, and how we can be open to the truth of the force of love through hearts and bodies, souls and spirits of the feminine. The Divine Feminine lives within you as you.  Discover the way YOU express your divine attributes and become FREE again.

Melanie Wilder

September 2024


Melanie is a woman’s coach and the founder of The BODY Cure, a method and philosophy that uses awareness of your physicality, as a means to cut through the fog of the mind.


Through her practice she supports women who want to create lives that are fully aligned with their truth, rooted in their power, and sustainably abundant (within AND without), free themselves from the complex trauma and wound-based conditioning that keeps them stuck and unable to actualize. She has developed her approach over a lifetime of her own deep and single-minded dedication to her healing and liberation from complex trauma, and is devotionally driven to guide other women through the process of knowing themselves as more than a reaction to their wounds.


“This is the linchpin; what keeps us negotiating our right to step into our worth, our power and our truth until it’s too late. When we dismantle it, we recover our access to life on our own terms, and the world needs more WOMEN living at that level, with that power, lighting a new path.” 


Melanie’s workshops will focus on knowing who you are beyond and before the wounds, deepening the connection with your self-evident truth, uncoupling your core desires from the limitations familial history may have imposed you, exploring how core wounding or complex trauma have thwarted your ability to thrive in a particular area of life, and unraveling these limitations so you can take your life back.

Connect via instagram @the_body_cure

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