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Serenità Wellness Retreat


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2022 dates TBD


Join us for a one week women's wellness retreat at Tribewanted's Monestevole, a charming 15th century restored farmhouse tucked away in the hills of the

"green heart of Italy"

Serenità   [se-re-ni-tà]  -   tranquility, peacefulness, serenity

 Rejuvenate   -  Connect   -  Let Go 

where you can feel free to conform to the famous Italian saying, "il dolce far niente" - the sweetness of doing nothing

Every summer, millions of Italians head for the mountains, the sea or family homes in the countryside for a well-deserved period of dolce far nulla, or the sweet 'doing nothing' time. This break is considered vital to health and wellbeing, a part of our human need for down time to regenerate our batteries and clear away the accumulation of stress from busy lives. Our Serenità Wellness retreats at the Monestevole self-sustainable community have this value at heart. Come join us for a week of rest and regeneration guaranteed to reset your internal clock in the verdant hills of Umbria.

swimming pool


This retreat aims to get at the heart of wellness- unwind, relax, and engage your mind and body, all the while being surrounded by nature. Do as much or as little as you'd like; go for a swim in the saltwater pool, read your book in a hammock, and enjoy a healing bodywork massage and energy healing.

In the morning, we provide the gentle draw of restorative yoga and meditation where you will get in touch with your inner om. In the afternoon, you can gravitate towards the writing circle to learn some calming and stress busting reflective writing practices, and share stories and our innate women’s wisdom in a safe non-judgmental space.

To satisfy your inner adventurer, take a horse for a ride through the surrounding countryside, go for a hike to visit the ruins of the nearby castle, and take a day trip into Assisi, an iconic medieval hilltop town and birthplace of St. Francis of Assisi.  You’ll never forget the peace that pervades this major site of pilgrimage, or the Giotto blue of the Basilica’s ceiling that mirrors the blue of the Umbrian sky.


"This was my first wellness retreat and a first of many great experiences for me. From the delicious foods prepared, company, and ambiance, to the crisp freshness in the air (and lots of butterflies hovering around), this place is really out of a story book.  It really was a fulfilling experience in my life." 

 - Laura Cocuzzi

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For those who wish to get their hands a little dirty and experience countryside living, you will have the opportunity to support Monestevole's sustainable mission by offsetting your carbon footprint - help in the garden, pick some tomatoes, care for the animals, and sow some seeds

Enjoy a sense of community over a home-made Italian meal



Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of the Monestevole experience is the locally sourced, delicious, home made Italian meals. Not only do guests get to enjoy a plentiful breakfast, lunch, and dinner that cater to all dietary restrictions, they are also welcome to participate in a cooking class alongside the local chef. Where better to try your hand at making fresh pasta? And did I mention the homemade vino?


Monestevole sits atop rolling hills surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. This paradise is approximately an hour away from the beautiful towns of Perugia, Gubbio, and Assisi, the famous Lake Trasimeno, and the Marmore waterfalls.

Our intention is to create for you a week of pleasure and relaxation, of inner exploration and sharing, and the magic created when a group of women put their hearts together to inspire and support one another.  Our goal is to have you head back to your busy lives full of the Serenità that a week in the community at Monestevole can provide.

Treat yourself- by getting back to the basics

"Amazingly rich experience to be 'unplugged' and immersed in the tranquility of nature and simplicity of life. Typical kitchen delights, superb wine and company did much to inspire a great sense of well being and 'la dolce vita!' A presto!"   

- Lorena Qualizza


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"Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel."
- Eleanor Brown